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Roll in Asia has hosted even more adapted trips during this summer 2018.

This year and for the 3rd edition, Roll in Asia team has hosted more travelers during the summers months for adapted holidays dedicated to less mentally able travelers. Roll in Asia has cooperated with different travel agencies and associations from France and Australia: La Pierre et le Sable, Acces Aventure, EPAL, Alisa 35 and Discovery Holidays. All travelers have had the chance to tour in Vietnam, to visit many places and participate in plenty of different activities thanks to the dynamism and enthusiasm of everyone. 

Water Puppet Show: a Vietnamese art.

The Vietnamese art of the water puppet is a cultural exprience not to be missed during your stay in Hanoi. The show is performed every evening within the Bong Sen Theater. With traditional live music in the background, the puppets are brought to life to tell stories about the daily traditional Vietnamese life. The stories are easily understandable for all. The puppets are made of lacquered wood and represent fishermen, farmers, emperors, servants, animals, etc.

First group tour with EPAL association.

From the 15th until the 24th of June, Roll in Asia has welcome travelers from Epal association: 3 polyhandicapped travelers traveling along with their 2 carers. They have visited the Northern region of Vietnam. 

Those intrepid travellers have enjoyed the greatly diversified tour program: visit fo the dynamic and bustling old town of Hanoi, cultural visits, gastronomic explorations, locals markets, roof top cocktails and many great encounters!

A fantastic week for all of us! 

Indigo ? Let's go !

Indigo is a deep and vibrant blue shade, part of the 7 colors of the rainbow (between the blue and the purple). The natural indigo colors is made from the plant “Indigofera” which is cultivated in the warm regions of Asia, but also in America and Africa. In Vietnam, the Indigo is mainly used to dye fabrics in blue while in India the Indigo is largely used to paint walls.

Photography exhibition “POT-AU-PHO” in Ho Chi Minh.

The photographer Julien Brun in cooperation with Miss Nguyen Da Quyen are presenting a great exhibition presenting aspects of the daily life in Vietnam.

Over 500 words of the  daily casual Vietnamese vocalulary are actually French words pronounced with the Vietnamese accent. 

A great photographic exhibition is running until the 30th of April 2018  which is inspired by the daily life and cultural aspects of the country.

The exhibition is free of charge, open until the 30th of April on 126 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street in the District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City.



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