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                      Accessible Asia

When day dreaming about Asia, we also often think about steep paths across ride paddies, Buddhist Temples perched on high mountains, and an hectic traffic of motorbikes and cycles. Being passionate about Asia and a defender of the travel for all, we have learnt how to overcome those obstacles. Roll in Asia has designed accessible itineraries, answering the specific needs of each person in order to let you discover Asia’s treasures peacefully !

                  Our Travelers

Because each travel is unique, each traveler is unique as well. Our commitment is to provide you an accessible Asia.

  • Travelers with reduced mobility: Whether you move with the help of a wheelchair, a cane or can walk short distances, our excursions and itineraries in Asia are tailor designed to answer your specific needs.
  • Deaf and Hard Of Hearing Travelers: Roll In Asia has carefully  selected local guides communicating  the international sign language. They will accompany you throughout your journey.
  • Slow Travel: Should you want to combine a discovery journey with moments for rest , or simply take your time, Roll in Asia has designed its itineraries as an invitation to a soft pace journey.

                      Air Transport

Your trip starts at your doorstep !

Negotiated rates with reliable airlines and an excellent knowledge of air regulation for the assistance to passengers and transportation in wheelchairs : Roll in Asia covers it all !


              Local Transports

Roll In Asia has selected quality local transports adapted for wheelchairs. Our vehicles offer the necessary options to give you a safe and comfortable ride.  




The best hotels matching your budget. 

For each destination, a few hotels have been cautiously selected for their location, comfort, value for money and accessibility and equipment for disabled. Our team of specialists is regularly double checking this accommodation selection to ensure the best standards (3, 4* and 5*).  You can find our detailed factsheets in the column « Your Travels ».
Before making your choice of accommodation feel free to contact us for more information and personalized advice.


         Guides & Assistance


At Roll In Asia, our guides are trained in accompanying people with motor and/or sensorial disabilities. They have a skillful knowledge of the culture and history of their country but also of the daily local life.

Our assistants will accompany you during the excursions. They are responsive and competent to insure you a peaceful journey.

     Accessibility during visits

Accessible Asia is our playground. To achieve this confidence, we have verified in detail each place, site, restaurant and hotel we offer you, in order to guarantee our expertise for an easy journey.  Some sites are already equipped with wheelchair ramps but when it is not on the site yet, and then it will be installed temporarily by your guides and assistants.