New accessible destination by Roll in Asia: MYANMAR (Burma).

New accessible destination by Roll in Asia: MYANMAR (Burma).

18 September, 2019 - 22:34

Our team is proud and thrilled to announce the launch of a new accessible destination: Myamar!

Myanmar is probably the most fascinating and authentic destination of South East Asia.

Formerly named “Burma”, this country has recently opened its doors to tourism. Locals are eager to meet travelers: their friendliness will enrich your trip with exquisite encounters!

The cultural heritage of Myanmar offers an amazing variety of stupas, temples and pagodas to visit.

You will be amazed by the great diversity of landscapes.

Burmese people like to preserve their traditions: most of them still wear their traditional outfit and mud make up on their face.

Traveling to Myanmar is an enchantment but also a trip back in time.

Roll in Asia has conceived with care 2 accessible itineraries comfortably designed to answer the needs of less mobile travelers in order to offer you an exciting and serene visit of this fantastic country.