A trip to Sri Lanka for a group of handi travelers

A trip to Sri Lanka for a group of handi travelers

3 October, 2018 - 17:12

This summer, Roll in Asia was pleased to bring a loyal group of handi travelers to explore the great island of Sri Lanka, formerly  named Ceylan.

This french group was composed of 5 wheelchair users and their carer. They have visited the island wiith all its great sites and rich culture. 

The group has visited the amazing fish market near the capital city, the green hills with tea plantations, the fantastic Adam's tooth temple in Kandy, the wild Yala National park for a leopard safari and of course they have experienced the warm welcome of the Sri Lankan people. 

The greatest memories from this trip might be when a wild elephant has crossed the road and came right next to the window to say " hello" or when a turtle has come on the hotel's beach to search for its dinner ... among so many other unforgettable moments. 

An accessible trip for an exciting and stress free visit of another great country!