Usefull Informations: 

  • Capital: Phnom Penh
  • Population : 15.700.000 inhabitants
  • Currency: Cambodian Riel or USD
  • 1€ = 4.500 KHR / 1$ = 4.080 KHR
  • Time Zone: GMT +7 heures
  • Visa: Yes
  • Vaccines: No
  • Malaria: No
  • Phone Code: + 855
  • Electrical outlet: 220V
  • Average speed drive: 35 mi/h

 Siem Reap & Angkor Temples

It is by witnessing the greatness of the Angkor temples that one day dreams about the life at the ancient time when Agkor was an opulent living city. This vastness of architectural master pieces offers an impressive diversity. The carved faces of the Bayon and the tree’s roots melting on the ruins of the temples are, with the famous frontage of Angkor Wat, the images of Cambodia’s splendor. Recommended duration: 4 days. 

Our Tours

4 days
City, Cultural, Nature
From January to December 2023
Price from:
650 $ / Pers.